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Monday, July 07, 2003
New Site, again. Appetites has moved to this address.

Monday, November 18, 2002
New Site

The new and improved appetites is up at This site. The address refers you to a server operated by my friend John, who also set up Moveable Type for me. He, in a word, rocks. There's not much content up at the moment, and there won't be for the time being. Too much gonig on at work and at home right now to blog too much. But I'm very happy to be back up and running, and very grateful to everyone who offered encouragement and/or help.



Saturday, November 16, 2002

Blogger's fixed the problem. I'm still relocating. New url soon, I hope.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002
The Future

Never underestimate friends. It appears that this website will, before too much longer, be reborn. Reborn in a much more robust form. This particular url will continue to work for as long as blogger doesn't mind my continuing kvetching. I mean, it's not like they committed fraud or anything, right? Oh, wait, they did! Woops.

Anyway, I'm very optimistic about the future of Appetites. I hope that those of you who've enjoyed the site will continue to do so, and that I can make the next iteration a lot better than the blogger version. Shouldn't be too hard eh?

Monday, November 11, 2002
Sympathy for the Devil

I've received a number of emails from people in the last week or so, mostly expressing sympathy for my situation. They are all appreciated. (Well, except for the "art photos" that Sancho keeps sending me. Those I could do without.) But based on a number of those emails, I may have misled some folks.

When I "upgraded" to blogger pro from blogger some months ago, nothing happened. Nothing except that instead of "blogger" in the upper right corner of the interface I use to update this site, it says, "blogger pro." That's it. Not a big deal, from my perspective, because at the time I made the decision to go with blogger pro, I was really doing so as much out of a sense of obligation to blogger as a desire to really change my site.

Lately, as I've gotten better at the whole process of weblogging, and as I've been exposed to some other, excellent websites dealing with food, I've grown frustrated with the limitations of blogger. That's why (or part of the reason why) I decided to "upgrade" to blogspot plus. The "advantages" of blogspot plus included the ability to upload photographs, and to host more than one page on a site. My intent was to both include photos of some of what I've been cooking, and to have separate, indexed pages where people could find permanent links to both recipes and reviews.

The result of the "upgrade," as I've mentioned, was that I not only didn't get those added features, I got bubkus (bupkis?) I couldn't even use the "old" blogger interface to update my website as I've been doing since March of this year. After 2 weeks of trying to get someone at blogger (Pyra Labs) to notice my problem, I gave up. I had been able to create a new website (which I've since deleted) and used the "old" blogger interface to update that. I figured that if I deleted, I could then start a new and at least let people know that the reason I'm not updating this site is because of blogger, and not that I've lost interest.

Before I deleted the site, I copied (cut and pasted) every post that wasn't already lost to the ether into a single Word Perfect file. I've now got that file on a disk, and on my hard drive. Whether I'll ever do anything with the content is another question, but I did want to ensure people who've written me and expressed sympathy for the loss of my archives (or who've shown me that the posts, or most of them, are still around somewhere on the web) that every snivelling bit of drivel I've written since the site went live is safe. Future generations will not live in the darkness that preceded the birth of this site! WE SHALL PERSEVERE etc.

So, thanks for all of the kind words, the suggestions, and the offers. I'm still looking into alternatives for both blogger and blogspot. Specifically: I'm looking into a hosting solution that'll take care of the tricky "setting up" part of moveable type, as I've read good things about that software in general. I may still actually hire someone to help out with the intitial design of the page. Just not sure.

Technically I could paste all of my old archived materials into this site, and continue updating as if nothing had changed from a month ago, but frankly, I have a very bad taste in my mouth from dealing with blogger. In fact, I feel dirty just typing this update at all. And it's a bad dirty, too.

Thursday, November 07, 2002
Boy I hate to just whine and complain, but I'm extremely frustrated. It's been almost two weeks, and I've had no response from blogger. This site is not running on blogger pro, despite the fact that the icon for that software appears in the top right corner of my blogger interface. It's sure as hell not running blogspot plus. In short, I'm being screwed, and I can't get anyone at blogger to notice.

I hate to threaten litigation, but then again, I am a lawyer. Perhaps that's what it's going to take to get someone to notice my complaint?

In the interim, if you are considering "upgrading" to blogspot plus, you may want to reconsider. My recommendation would be to jab yourself in the eye with something you find on the street. Make a game of it! Other things you could consider doing instead of "upgrading" to blogspot plus: drinking battery acid; skinny dipping in the piranha tank; going to prison; watching the movie "Jackass."

In short, blogger is great until you actually have a problem, at which point go piss up a rope you chump.


Wednesday, November 06, 2002
Last week I attempted to upgrade to blogspot plus. I had two reasons: first, to gain the ability to upload pictures to this site. Second, out of what I now feel was misguided loyalty to Pyra labs. My credit card has been charged $55, and not only have I not been upgraded to blogspot plus, but I was forced to delete the prior site, and re-start from scratch.

This is a temporary solution. I will be dropping blogger altogether, as well as blogspot, in the near future. If you are currently linking to this site, and you'd like to link to the next site I set up, please email me. Hopefully the next site will be much easier to navigate, will have an archive for recipes as well as restaurant reviews, and will include pictures.